Some websites/apps to enhance productivity and skill sets

I am going to mention some websites and Apps here and I want to make it clear that I am in no way affiliated to any product here. I am writing about these products because I find them productive.

To be able to get the best out of these, it’s necessary that you stay consistent with the apps and websites and believe me you will get results.

  1. Highbrow: Highbrow is an email based service that delivers you daily lessons via email for the course that you have subscribed to. There are a variety of courses ranging from Language, History to Psychology and Marketing. The Courses are very well written and served in little chunks of 5 minute daily read.

You cannot subscribe to more than one course since that will mess up with your routine. So,One lesson at a time served via email daily in the morning. You just have to take out 5 minutes daily for this.

2. Franz: Franz is an application available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s a great application for productivity. Franz lets you run 23 apps inside one app i.e. Franz. You can use your Whats App, Slack, Gmail, Messenger, Skype, Outlook, Telegram and many other apps inside this single app.

The best part about this app is these apps utilise less CPU memory than the apps running individually. Franz saves you the hassle of switching between tabs and devices. I totally love it and keep suggesting it to everyone .

Download Franz

3. CanvaCanva is photoshop for everyone who doesn’t know Photoshop. You can use it online and you can also download it on your phone if you want to work on the go. Canva lets you design beautiful graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, E-mails or flyers, poster or custom ones.

The best part about this app is that it has pre-defined templates for everything that are scaled as per the requirement. Beautiful Templates and variety of Fonts just do the half of the creativity work.

The Canva design guide also teaches you how to match up fonts for better looking designs.

4. Pocket: Pocket is a great app to save articles to read later if you don’t have time right now and cannot remember the link later. You just have to install an extension in your browser on your desktop and download the app in your phone. Log in with the same Id on both the devices and whenever you save an article, it goes into your pocket list. You can read it later at the end of the day or in free time.

You get recommendations from other pocket users and you can recommend them too. Pocket is slowly turning into an network and I love that.

If you’re an avid reader like me, Pocket works like magic.



5. Elvate: Elevate is an iOS and Android app that helps you sharpen your brain with exercise for Math, reading, writing and Concentration. The App measures your current status by taking a test and then assigns value for every skill that you want to improve.

You are then allotted daily lessons in the form of games with beautiful animations. Elevate was the 2014 app of the year and it has every reason to be. It’s got engaging content. It tracks your progress and shows you result from time to time. It’s fun and learning at the same time.



6. Lumosity: Lumosity is also an app just like Elevate but it has different game and way to achieve the same things. You solve problems and learn things every day. There is not much to tell about Lumosity since I have described Elevate but it’s a great app just like Elevate.

7. Google Calendar: You might be aware of this one but let me tell you how good it is. I use Google Calendar for scheduling meetings, Setting up my daily routine, reminders, to- do and Daily goals. It’s a power house for productivity and it’s connected to your Google account. So you get reminders in mail, app and every other Google app that’s connected.

I have used many to do apps and by many, I mean almost every one out there but nothing comes close to this one.


8. Stumble Upon: Stumble Upon is a website where you stumble upon things f your interests. You choose your interests and you’re good to go. Everytime you clickon the stumble upon sign, it throws at you a random article from the internet related to your interest. It’s a great website and app to learn things concerning your interest.

Stumble Upon can also sit in your widget area and give you suggestions for the app.


9.Lynda: Lynda is an online collection of tutorials ranging from photography to marketing to IT expertise. There are a large variety of course and the teachers have done a great job covering them up in detail and to the point. You can collaborate with other users on projects given by the teachers.

You get a 10 Day trial before paying. Choose a course, take the trial and if you like it, subscribe.

10.UP by Jawbone: Okay, This app is for physical productivity. Up measures you daily activity and registers them to give you the desired results. You tell the app about your goals, be it weight loss or weight gain. It then measures your daily efforts and the efforts required to achieve the goals.

The app also tracks your calorie count and sleep pattern in order to give you better results. If you’re using it with a tracker, you will be delighted but it works great without a tracker too. The app has great reminders to tell you about when to sleep and what to eat.


11. Grammarly: Have you ever struggled while writing for an assignment or something as such with the Grammar. When you’re not sure about if the sentence is grammatically correct. Welcome Grammarly. Grammarly is a website as well as comes with a browser extension which marks out any grammatical mistakes from your writing and suggests alternatives for the same. The free version is great but if you’re into academic writing or pretty serious about your writing, you can try the paid version too.

12. Boomerang: Boomerang was recently introduced at Product Hunt and you can get your hands on it now. Boomerang is for the people who have a hard time dealing with their e-mails. Boomerang can schedule your emails for the future. You can archive them for the time when you want to follow them later. It works with Gmail right now(not inbox), only Gmail.

The best part about Boomerang is the Respondable. Respondable uses artificial intelligence to give you better tips on how to write the right email. It helps you use the right tone so that your e-mails really work.

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