Let’s Dance

We forget to express who we truly are, somewhere we forget to love our self for who we truly are. We tend to play our bygone life over and over in our heads like a movie on loop, not realizing that this movement is getting over. I have decided not to be a product of what people think about me because I have the power to choose who i want to be. I don’t silence that incessant mind chatter inside of my head. I cherish my craziness and I am deeply protective of that 5 year  old inside of me.

I live every movement believing its the most beautiful. So how can my story just can be about my past? In fact why can’t my story or anybody’s story for that matter, still in the process of being written, since i’m in the process of … well, becoming. and like everyone i believe i am my biggest celebration.

In the midst of this messy yet wonderful thing we call life I try to express myself through dance. So let’s dance


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